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About Us

ASPET INTERMED manufactures and trades a wide variety of PET and PE packaging. Our products, which comply with the highest quality standards, are designed for the following types of products:

  • foodstuff
  • pharmaceuticals
  • cosmetics
  • chemicals and detergents

Relying on a 15-year experience in the manufacture of preforms and packaging, the management of ASPET INTERMED has transformed the company into one of the most reliable providers on the local market of quality packaging. Our specialization in the manufacture of PET and PE packaging is made possible by the modern technology existing in the production area. In order to be able to meet the demands of top customers, aligned to the newest quality standards in effect, during the year 2013 we implemented and were certified for compliance with the following:

  • Quality management - ISO 9001 :2008,
  • Food safety - ISO2200:2005.

We have recently implemented the Environment Management System as well, and we have been certified for compliance with -  ISO 14001:2004

OBJECTIVES of Aspet Intermed

The objectives of our company are related to the satisfaction of our customers' needs. To this purpose, we strive to maintain permanent contact with the newest technologies, to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, which provide us quality products at competitive prices. We are aware that a solid relation between the provider and the customer takes time, and it relies on seriousness. On-time deliveries achieved on each occasion and the selection of raw material providers, to the purpose of permanently supplying quality products, have assisted us in developing contract relations with our current customers, which have continued for years. We are fully aware of the fact that your products need to be visible to the final consumer. For this reason, we place special emphasis on the functionality and quality of our packaging, as well as on transportation or storage costs, involved in the sale of your products. Therefore, we provide assistance to anyone who has decided to optimize their operations, by selecting a different delivery modality or by identifying new solutions for inventory dimensioning to the purpose of reducing logistics costs.